Slots of Vegas Casino Support is happily available through multiple contact streams for newcomers and VIP alike. The toll-free number to reach us at is 888-586-1088, and there’s also a Live Chat option that’s always present at the top of the screen no matter where you navigate to on the site - within easy reach in case you become befuddled and need some clarification on a casino rule or other. Just make sure you’re logged in with your casino account number so that Live Chat representatives can quickly respond to your call-out. See below for how to get started in the first place with Slots of Vegas software.

Once you’re on the website, search for the Download insignia so that the prompt can come up for you to confirm the software installation to the default folder on your hard drive. In fact, you can just run it right away to both save and activate; or, if you want to play later, just click the Save prompt. Most of the installation is automatic, but you can change the install directory if you wish. You shouldn’t have any problems with this part if you’ve ever downloaded software before - but the casino Support is, of course, also available for help here. Just give them a call at the toll-free number.

Next, accept the Terms & Agreements prompt that pops up if you really want to play at Slots of Vegas. Join the tens of thousands of online casino gamers who are winning in style and loving every moment of it, even as the adrenaline rushes with every spin of the reels - with the realization that the very next display could change their lives financially forever. Now, you can take advantage of the many casino Bonuses and Promotions that the are on tap. If you have any questions about how to go about using them, remember that the Support section can answer them all. Drop them a line.